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What is DonNino?

DonNino is a Summer and Spring men's luxury beachwear brand. Our first product has been our classy and fancy cow suede driving loafers that are available in many different colors. We have more products to come soon: Linen shirts, shorts...etc. DonNino is always sourcing the best materials in order to provide its customers with the best experience wearing its products. Inspired and based between the French Riviera et North America., DonNino is your stop shop for all your great fancy beach looks. 

Why DonNino?

DonNino offers products using the best quality in the world. Also, We are pleased to offer an amazing customer service : Please do not hesitate to write to us regarding your questions, comments, suggestions or special corporate orders. We are an exclusive online store and our products are sent directly to our beloved clients worldwide. To provide you with a peace of mind while shopping and enjoying our products, our prices always include standard shipping worldwide. 

How many types of men loafers are there?

DonNino offers one type of loafers which is the penny driver loafer in 10 different colors. DonNino driving loafers provide the maximum comfort, are very light and trendy for every occasion. All of them are available in 100% cow leather suede. We are looking into adding more styles shortly. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter in order to be aware about our new styles or products.

How to choose the best loafers for my lifestyle?

We can't get enough of loafers, Right ? :) We would recommend you to explore our different colors . In addition, you will find matching ideas for every one available. If you have specific questions regarding an event or you simply want our opinion, It would be our pleasure to answer all your questions by email.

What makes a great driving loafer? (Quality wise)

A great driving loafer offers the best wearing experience. DonNino Loafers are comfortable to wear : We always recommend you to size up while you are choosing your DonNino pair or to order your regular size if you want to have the loafer worn tight. Our cow leather insole were specially created with a well fit collar with rubber nubbed outsole in order to provide you with the best well being. Also, Our loafers are trendy and very versatile in terms of 10 different colors available.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are driving loafers?
A driving loafer is essentially a moccasin-construction slip-on shoe with a snug but comfortable fit. The defining feature is the small rubber pebbles that cover the sole and extend to the back of the heel. Initially, Driving Loafers were used for motoring since they are very flexible and provide added grip on the pedals; however, they are worn in different fashionable contexts especially during Spring and Summer. Driving Loafers are timeless and fashionable footwear options designed for comfort and extra grip for the pedals. The driving Loafer is an incredibly useful addition to your footwear wardrobe. It is an elegant combination of the penny loafer’s dressiness and the traditional moccasin’s comfort.

Can you wear driving loafers with a suit?
Driving Loafers are usually worn with a casual or a chic outfit like shirts or polos in addition to chinos, slim jeans (and even skinny), nice shorts or men bathing suits. Going back to our question: The answer is YES !!! We are seeing more fashion icons wearing driving loafers with a suit in a pure Italian style. We would recommend this opting for Summer with a loose suit (preferably in linen). Finally adding a driving loafer precisely in suede will add a touch of style and refinement.

How to wear driving loafers?
In order to be stylish and enjoy your driving loafer we would recommend that you wear them following these recommendations : 1-Choose the best color for your outfit : Don't forget that these loafers exist in all colors. 2- Choose the right type of materials for your driving loafers : Leather, suede, crocodile...the choices are endless 3- We would recommend you to wear your driving loafers without socks or invisible ones. 4- Keep it casual chic by adding either a chino and a polo with matching colors or even a linen suit. Our brand DonNino offers various choices and combines all those recommendations.